April 14 – May 19 Shop Around presents in cooperation with Concerto and Record Store Day: ‘Vinylize’! Several illustrators and artists will create new artwork on top of an albumcover they picked for an expo at Concerto, Amsterdam. I picked this Lady Gaga album. Not really my… Read more


Very pleased to show you this animation for a new mobile application for carpooling called Toogethr. (via Shop Around) Enjoy! (Dutch only, sorry) Photography & Art Direction: Corriette Schoenaerts | Animation: Nina Spiering | Illustration: Tineke Meirink.


Last june uitgeverij Snor, a Dutch publisher, received the keys of a supernice warehouse in Utrecht (NL) now called the Snorfabriek. To Claudette Halkes (uitgeverij Snor) it seemed like a perfect Stop:watch location. And it was! Three weeks ago I went there with my camera and walked around for… Read more

Appie en opa

The theme of the Dutch Week of the Children’s Book 2016 (de ‘Kinderboekenweek’ is an annual event to promote children’s books) is grandma’s and grandpa’s. Because of that a new Appie en opa book has been published by Gottmer publishing.  For this I made twelve… Read more

Dagblad van het Noorden

I got interviewed by Dutch newspaper Dagblad van het Noorden about Trashures. I’m sorry, the interview is in Dutch only.

Trashures, the beauty of useless stuff

Earlier I wrote about Trashures and how it all started. Now I can officially announce the book is in stores! And already spotted in the Stedelijk Museum shop in Amsterdam this week. Online you can order it here. At the end of August there wioll… Read more


For almost two years I’ve been working at Studio Push & Pull in Groningen now. I share the studio with Madeleine van der Raad and Mara Piccione. There’s also a sreenprinting workshop in the studio. At artacademy the  printmaking workshop was my favorite place in school (besides the bar), so a… Read more

Trashures and how it all started

The day Anja Brunt mails me by accident (september 2014) is in fact the day the idea for Trashures is born. We start mailing back and forth and the same day we decide to start a project together. We don’t know each other too well, but we do have… Read more

New website!

Hello and how nice of you to drop by at my new website! Let me show you around so you’ll know where things are. This new website is a combination of the former (just illustration) and (my photo/illustration project). I added another project called ‘worn wood’ and I’m sure… Read more

CPNB campaign

A lot of fathers in The Netherlands don’t read bedtime stories. That is a shame because research shows it increases children’s vocabularies by 1000 words every year. But, as you may remember yourself, many fathers make up stories before bedtime. So CPNB gives fathers the chance to turn… Read more

Dans la rue

Today my book ‘Dans la rue’ hit the French bookstores! It is published by the young French publisher ‘Le Diplodocus’. The book stimulates ‘young kids (and probably also adults) imagination by looking at the world around them in a different way. It is based on my… Read more

In the paper!

Today an interview in local newspaper ‘Dagblad van het Noorden’ is published. You can read the article online here You do have to register, but it’s for free. And if you do you’ll get a nice bonus! You’ll get to see two short films in which… Read more

Stop:watch anniversary!

Hip hip hooray! Stop:watch is 3 years online! As you might know, Stop:watch is an ongoing project by me, Tineke. Let me tell you how it all started. It originally starts off as a joke. I already painted (and I still do) on worn wood,… Read more

Reprint memorygame

I’m very pleased to tell you that there is a reprint available of the Memorygame ‘Can You See What I See’! It’s got a brand new coverdesign by Lilian van Dongen Torman which I’m very pleased with. You can order it (€15) from any country via BIS… Read more

Your photo, my drawing

From left to right: Maartje Jaquet, Martin van der Giesen, Sabine Hoes. Congrats to you three! You can take a closer look at the photos on the Stop:watch Facebookpage (If you like you can also like the page) Tomorrow I will post my creations on… Read more

Your photo, my drawing?

Hi everybody, Once in a while I get mailed by people who send me a photo of a tree, some food, a rock…all kinds of things, in which they see something. Last december Jari Perho send me a picture and asked if I could draw something on… Read more

Stop:watch in Adformatie

The campaign for Samsung I worked on, was mentioned in Adformatie, a Dutch magazine on media and advertising. Very pleased with that! More here.

Samsung digital billboards

If you happen to be in Paris during the holidays, you might bump into these Samsung Galaxy Note II digital billboards. This is a spin-off from the online campaign I showed earlier here. Take a closer look at the animations below: Credits: Heaven Agency / La Bande… Read more

Samsung billboards

(Photo by Céline Larre) A pity I’m not in Paris right now, because my drawings are now to be seen in THE PARISIAN METRO!!! These billboards are part of the campaign for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note II in France. If you happen to be… Read more

Samsung Mobile France campaign

This is what I’ve been working on the last weeks: a campaign for Samsung Mobile France to launch the Samsung Galaxy Note II in France. I had a blast in Paris and I learned so many things working with Heaven Agency, La Bande Originale and Caleb Krivoshey.… Read more

Stop:watch in Paris

Hi everybody! There’s bad news and there’s good news. The bad news is I’m busy, really busy at the moment. So the blog is being shamelessly neglected. I’m really sorry about that. The good news is, I’ve spent a lot of time in Paris lately… Read more

Stop:watch Memorygame

So happy and proud my memorygame ‘Can you see what I see’ is in stores! Based on my project Stop:watch. Your task is to find the matching cards. Hours of fun guaranteed! It is published by BiS Publishers, Amsterdam. You can buy it here (€15). Boxed set 2… Read more

Hi, bonjour and hola!

I’m back again from a really breathtaking trip to the French and Spanish Pyrenees. One of the most beautiful areas I ever visited. Now ready for a fresh start.  XTineke.

Art- and poetryroute

On the 8th of June art- and poetryroute ‘Kunst aan de Scheene’ is opened. Stop:watch is also part of this lovely initiative which can be seen till the 24th of June. The route is in Scherpenzeel (Friesland, NL). My work is combined with poetry by Ingmar Heytze. I absolutely… Read more