A new series of 12 Trashures, all original artworks, on the back of old  bookcovers
Size 12 x 18 cm (varies a little).
€125 a piece (incl VAT / ex shipping), framed +€20
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Zie jij wat ik zie?

The book I started on years ago is available since today!Only in Dutch, but who knows what countries will follow. The great promo is made by  Anja Brunt :


After my parents died, my sister and I had to empty their house and my fathers shed. This shed was a real treasury filled with tools and stuff he collected over the years. He didn’t throw away anything. It was a great place and I just felt I had to do something with that.

It took some time, but I chose some objects from the shed. Anna Bay photographed them and I gave it a Stop:watch turn. The result is this ode to the imagination and my parents.

Uitgeverij Ploegsma | 48 pages| hardcover | €16,99



Very helpfull for me also this blogpost. Because what the hell happened this year?

In january I celebrated my 25th anniversary as an illustrator. But this year was mostly about autonomous work: Trashures. At the start of the year I did a residency in Rotterdam for two weeks to work on my Trashures. That felt so good that next year I will do it again. To work in solitude on a project without any distractions definitely adds something to the work. I am convinced that Trashures wouldn’t be so successful last year without the residency. During the year a collection grew and many of them found a new home. A beautiful honor. Also an honor: Galerie Adorable contacted me and exhibited my work at the KunstRAI and Object Rotterdam.

This year I also found a publisher for my very own book ‘Zie jij wat ik zie?’ (Do you see what I see?) For that project I asked Anna Bay to photograph my dads tools and stuff from his shed after my mum also died in 2020 and we had to clean up their house. As in my project Stop:watch I photoshopped the pictures and created a story around them. March 2022 it will be published by publishinghouse Ploegsma. And I am so proud and happy with that! An ode to my parents :^)

In november I made illustrations for a so called ‘Kakkerlakje’ for the lovely publishinghouse Loopvis. For a change the images were made first  and Mary Heylema wrote some breathtaking poems inspired by them. It will be published hopefully in February.

Apart from illustration en autonomous work I also started a biological marketgardening education (not sure how to call it in English) right after summer. Next coming year and a half I will share my time between illustration, autonomous work, school and working in the market garden. The combination of working outside and inside, physically and creatively is perfect for me. In a way a market garden is also a very creative place. Curious if the influences are or will be visible in my work.

I wish you all good times these days and all the best for next year! And thank you all for your support. Means a lot to me.


Object Rotterdam & KunstRAI

This summer Galerie Adoráble showed my Trashures at two art fairs: Object Rotterdam and KunstRAI in Amsterdam. A new world and a new experience. Food for thought.

Rotterdam artresidency

Last couple of weeks I worked in Rotterdam on my project ‘Trashures’ in which I make paintings of found objects and graphic shapes on worn wood. I like to show the beauty in things people mostly don’t notice. An ode to the ordinary, because beauty is everywhere. Also in common, dirty, nondescript stuff lying around on the streets.

Normally it is something I do in between (illustration) jobs. Whenever I have the time. It seemed like an interesting experiment to experience the effect of some solo Trashures workingtime. I brought with me a big box of materials.

My appartment there felt like a second home soon. On day 1 I started making a shape collection. I drew the found objects I had brought. This collection, which will only be growing in the future, will help me designing new ‘Trashures’.

It was interesting to experience what an ideal workingday was for me (a slow starter who likes to work late). To feel that flow, without worrying about cooking or groceries or whatever, was so nice. I experimented with new materials, styles and techniques. I read books that I wanted to read for a long time. I tried to focus not on the result but on the fun of creating. Without the pressure of wanting to make something really good, the best things happen.

These weeks were a usefull reset that filled me with new ideas and energy to continue working on this at my homestudio. Some distance now and then, changes your perspective, which is good. Also, talking to and meeting collegues (they’re everywhere in Rotterdam!) can be so inspiring.

(PS Apart from all the shapes I have drawn, I also made a new work on worn wood:  Trashures 1.15. Inspired by a ceramic shard I found during a walk and some beachfindings).

Trashures on Instagram

Trashures, small pieces of art on worn wood of found objects and graphic elements, can now also be found on Instagram. So if you’d like to be kept updated and if you enjoy a peak behind the scenes now and then, this is the place to be.

Customised Stop:watch

Looking for an original present? Perhaps you’re moving or renovating and you’d like to have a reminder of what once was? Photographs of the location can be ‘Stop:watched’ by me.

Please mail me for more info.


Stop:watch in Lille (2)

After my visit to Lille earlier this year, I visited the city again this october to do the same but this time at ‘L’Institut pour la Photographie’ in Vieux-Lille. The museum just recently opened. There are several (photo)expositions, they serve delicious food and during the weekends there are DJ sets. All is free accessible.

The building will be renovated next year. Because they want to save something of the old building before everything is gone, they invited me to work with a group of kids (8-15 years old) for a couple of days. After an introduction and some games they took photographs of the place. Some photos were selected and printed. With paper, glue and scissors the photos were ‘stop:watched‘ by the kids. These photos will be a lasting memory of how the place used to be. They can be seen until the end of the year at the museum.

Blekkie bestaat echt

I proudly present you ‘Blekkie bestaat echt’, my newest picturebook with Judith Koppens! A couple of years ago Judith and I got the idea for this book. And now it is finally there!

Blekkie bestaat echt’ tells the story about a girl and her imaginary best friend Blekkie.


Stop:watch in Lille

Because of my project Stop:watch and my books ‘Dans la ville’ and ‘Dans la rue, L’ institut pour la photographie Lille invited me to work with a group of 9/10 years old at Diderot elementary school.

The first day we started with a short introduction and some warming-up games. The second day we went outside to take pictures and the final day the kids worked on their printed photos with collage technique. What I do with Photoshop, they did with paper, glue and scissors. The results were really great as you can see on the pictures!

For me it was an exciting week, speaking and teaching in French. The kids were so enthousiastic and really involved, Alice Rougeulle from the Institut was marvellous guiding me, taking care of everything. And the teachers made me feel very welcome. So merci à vous.


DICHTER. is Plints Dutch poetrymagazine for kids aged 6 to 106. Each number ( four issues per year) contains almost 75 new poems by almost 30 poets. One illustrator gets to illustrate one issue. I was asked to illustrate the spring issue made in cooperation with  De Domijnen in Sittard-Geleen (NL). There you can visit the expo ‘Tijdsbeelden’ (01/27/19 – 04/2819).  Some pictures of objects shown in the expo can also be seen in DICHTER 11. Topped with a Stop:watch sauce of course. DICHTER. can be bought at Dutch bookstores or online at Plint.



My dad was a true collector and I think I inherited that from him. In my studio I have this big wooden box in which I keep most of the stuff I find: branches, stones, shells, all sorts of things. Most of it is very common, but there’s just something about it I like. The shape of it, the colours. And then I have to take it with me. I made compositions with a few of those objects and I painted them on (found) pieces of wood.


Dans la ville

In 2015 French publisher Le Diplodocus published my Stop:watch-book ‘Dans la rue’. In 2018 they asked me if I wanted to do a second book. And now, here it is! It’s called ‘Dans la ville’. For this book I made a roadtrip in March 2018 with our campervan through Belgium, France, Italy (where I also visited the Bologna Childrens’ Book Fair ), Switzerland and Germany. On the road I took lots of photos. A selection was used for ‘Dans la ville’.

‘Dans la ville’ can be ordered at le Diplodocus. They also made a fun video of the book which you can view here.



Windowlicker is a vertical silkscreenproject  and is initiated by the Cowboy Killers. On the windows of twelve buildings in Leeuwarden screenprints were made by several artists, including Helehelena.  We took photos of several objects in coffeecompany Blikspuit and used those to make a design. We printed them on  the top windows of the company.

Helehelena is also on instagram.


In collaboration with Dutch publishing house Loopvis, Mara Piccione and I (aka Helehelena) designed and screenprinted a series of 3 limited edition notebooks.

Get them here (€8,95 each and €24,50 for the set).