Stop:watch anniversary!

Hip hip hooray! Stop:watch is 3 years online!

As you might know, Stop:watch is an ongoing project by me, Tineke. Let me tell you how it all started.

It originally starts off as a joke. I already painted (and I still do) on worn wood, using old nails, stains and stuff on the wood in the image I paint. To practice my digital skills I decide to do the same thing on photos in Photoshop (instead of paint on wood). I take pictures of rubbish, stains, irregularities and draw on them digitally. A crack in the wall turns into stairs, a dirty tissue suddenly is a ballerina. The apparently uninteresting images get a whole new meaning by the illustration added. They come to life. I post them on Twitter. After many nice comments I start a blog in april 2011 with the impossible name, later changed to
(Thank you Liesbeth Strik!)


Stop:watch now

Now, 3 years later, Stop:watch is more than a joke. Worldwide people write about it (read it all here), for Dutch Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival an app is made, a memorygame ‘Can You See What I See’ is published (by BiS Publishers) and in november 2012 I work on a campagne for Samsung France in Paris.


It’s just more fun when you take a closer look

Here, on this website, I try to post a new set of photos every week (I really try!);
I post the original photo and the illustrated one. So you can see what I see. And I hope it makes you realize that there is beauty and inspiration everywhere. In a door handle, in a chimney, even in dog pooh. If you just take the time to take a closer look (maybe in case of dog pooh not too close) you’ll have so much fun.


let’s celebrate and have a good time

Because of the 3 year anniversary a new website is launched today, the 15th of April.
(Thank you Jeroen Smeets!)
And you also will get nice extra’s when you order something in the shop (15-25 April).
I thank you all very much for taking the time to take a closer look at my work all these years.

Hope to stay in touch. XTineke.