Trashures and how it all started

The day Anja Brunt mails me by accident (september 2014) is in fact the day the idea for Trashures is born. We start mailing back and forth and the same day we decide to start a project together. We don’t know each other too well, but we do have some things in common.  We both like stuff on the street, things we find during our walks, objects of no value or use that we can re-use in our work. We decide to focus on these things.

The idea is to design a book in which we show the work of artists who work with ‘useless’ materials. We combine it with DIY projects inspired by the work shown. The projects’ name Trashures (a mix of ‘Trash’ and ‘Treasures’) is soon found. And after we partner up with BIS Publishers it’s official!

We start looking for artists worldwide and we collect loads of DIY ideas. Because  this project is something we do besides our regular jobs as designer and illustrator there are times during the process of making the book that things slow down and not much is happening.  But now, after one and a half year, we can say the job is almost done! The artists have been selected, we received all images, took care of the DIY projects, all texts have been written (and rewritten) and the lay-out is nearly finished.

In ten days the book will go to the printer and it will be published next month. Exciting!

Featuring: Mari Andrews, Sarah Bridgland, Anja Brunt, Gerard Collas, Alice Fox, Studio Fludd, Severija Inčirauskaitė-Kriaunevičienė, Maartje Jaquet, Richard and Judith Lang, Tineke Meirink, Nana Rosenørn Holland Bastrup, Slumbird, Marc Sparfel, Anna Taratiel en Natasha Tastachova. And illustrations (stamps) by Gertie Jaquet.