For almost two years I’ve been working at Studio Push & Pull in Groningen now. I share the studio with Madeleine van der Raad and Mara Piccione. There’s also a sreenprinting workshop in the studio. At artacademy the  printmaking workshop was my favorite place in school (besides the bar), so a workspace with nice collegues and the possibility to screenprint seemed great. And it is! I really like working there on my commissioned work as an illustrator but also on my own projects like Stop:watch and Trashures. Recently a new project can be added to the list: Helehelena. Last year Mara and I organised an international silkscreen testprint expo called ‘A Beautiful Mess’. This collaberation was such good fun, we decided to continue working together. So now there is a name: Helehelena, we focus on screenprint (artprints and zines) and murals. And there is a first screenprinted zine! You can take a look at it (and buy it) at our new website