Stop:watch in Lille

Because of my project Stop:watch and my books ‘Dans la ville’ and ‘Dans la rue, L’ institut pour la photographie Lille invited me to work with a group of 9/10 years old at Diderot elementary school.

The first day we started with a short introduction and some warming-up games. The second day we went outside to take pictures and the final day the kids worked on their printed photos with collage technique. What I do with Photoshop, they did with paper, glue and scissors. The results were really great as you can see on the pictures!

For me it was an exciting week, speaking and teaching in French. The kids were so enthousiastic and really involved, Alice Rougeulle from the Institut was marvellous guiding me, taking care of everything. And the teachers made me feel very welcome. So merci à vous.