Stop:watch in Lille (2)

After my visit to Lille earlier this year, I visited the city again this october to do the same but this time at ‘L’Institut pour la Photographie’ in Vieux-Lille. The museum just recently opened. There are several (photo)expositions, they serve delicious food and during the weekends there are DJ sets. All is free accessible.

The building will be renovated next year. Because they want to save something of the old building before everything is gone, they invited me to work with a group of kids (8-15 years old) for a couple of days. After an introduction and some games they took photographs of the place. Some photos were selected and printed. With paper, glue and scissors the photos were ‘stop:watched‘ by the kids. These photos will be a lasting memory of how the place used to be. They can be seen until the end of the year at the museum.