Rotterdam artresidency

Last couple of weeks I worked in Rotterdam on my project ‘Trashures’ in which I make paintings of found objects and graphic shapes on worn wood. I like to show the beauty in things people mostly don’t notice. An ode to the ordinary, because beauty is everywhere. Also in common, dirty, nondescript stuff lying around on the streets.

Normally it is something I do in between (illustration) jobs. Whenever I have the time. It seemed like an interesting experiment to experience the effect of some solo Trashures workingtime. I brought with me a big box of materials.

My appartment there felt like a second home soon. On day 1 I started making a shape collection. I drew the found objects I had brought. This collection, which will only be growing in the future, will help me designing new ‘Trashures’.

It was interesting to experience what an ideal workingday was for me (a slow starter who likes to work late). To feel that flow, without worrying about cooking or groceries or whatever, was so nice. I experimented with new materials, styles and techniques. I read books that I wanted to read for a long time. I tried to focus not on the result but on the fun of creating. Without the pressure of wanting to make something really good, the best things happen.

These weeks were a usefull reset that filled me with new ideas and energy to continue working on this at my homestudio. Some distance now and then, changes your perspective, which is good. Also, talking to and meeting collegues (they’re everywhere in Rotterdam!) can be so inspiring.

(PS Apart from all the shapes I have drawn, I also made a new work on worn wood:  Trashures 1.15. Inspired by a ceramic shard I found during a walk and some beachfindings).