Very helpfull for me also this blogpost. Because what the hell happened this year?

In january I celebrated my 25th anniversary as an illustrator. But this year was mostly about autonomous work: Trashures. At the start of the year I did a residency in Rotterdam for two weeks to work on my Trashures. That felt so good that next year I will do it again. To work in solitude on a project without any distractions definitely adds something to the work. I am convinced that Trashures wouldn’t be so successful last year without the residency. During the year a collection grew and many of them found a new home. A beautiful honor. Also an honor: Galerie Adorable contacted me and exhibited my work at the KunstRAI and Object Rotterdam.

This year I also found a publisher for my very own book ‘Zie jij wat ik zie?’ (Do you see what I see?) For that project I asked Anna Bay to photograph my dads tools and stuff from his shed after my mum also died in 2020 and we had to clean up their house. As in my project Stop:watch I photoshopped the pictures and created a story around them. March 2022 it will be published by publishinghouse Ploegsma. And I am so proud and happy with that! An ode to my parents :^)

In november I made illustrations for a so called ‘Kakkerlakje’ for the lovely publishinghouse Loopvis. For a change the images were made firstĀ  and Mary Heylema wrote some breathtaking poems inspired by them. It will be published hopefully in February.

Apart from illustration en autonomous work I also started a biological marketgardening education (not sure how to call it in English) right after summer. Next coming year and a half I will share my time between illustration, autonomous work, school and working in the market garden. The combination of working outside and inside, physically and creatively is perfect for me. In a way a market garden is also a very creative place. Curious if the influences are or will be visible in my work.

I wish you all good times these days and all the best for next year! And thank you all for your support. Means a lot to me.