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Last june uitgeverij Snor, a Dutch publisher, received the keys of a supernice warehouse in Utrecht (NL) now called the Snorfabriek. To Claudette Halkes (uitgeverij Snor) it seemed like a perfect Stop:watch location. And it was! Three weeks ago I went there with my camera and walked around for hours. So much to see! From the photos I took I made a new series of Stop:watches, or Snor:watches if you like. These Snor:watches were shown last weekend in the Snorfabriek at the 3rd Snorfestival. I enjoyed it so much. Met a lot of nice people and got lovely comments. The Snorfabriek officially opens half november. If you have the chance you should definitely pay them a visit. It’s worth it.

In the paper!

Today an interview in local newspaper ‘Dagblad van het Noorden’ is published.

You can read the article online here
You do have to register, but it’s for free.
And if you do you’ll get a nice bonus! You’ll get to see two short films in which you see me illustrating some photos the journalist brought with her. Here and here. See for yourself if I succeeded.

Enjoy! XTineke.

(I’m sorry it is only available in Dutch).

Stop:watch in Adformatie

The campaign for Samsung I worked on, was mentioned in Adformatie, a Dutch magazine on media and advertising. Very pleased with that!

More here.

Samsung digital billboards

If you happen to be in Paris during the holidays, you might bump into these Samsung Galaxy Note II digital billboards. This is a spin-off from the online campaign I showed earlier here.

Take a closer look at the animations below:

Credits: Heaven Agency / La Bande Originale / Fortiche. Illustration/idea Tineke Meirink.

Samsung billboards

(Photo by Céline Larre)

A pity I’m not in Paris right now, because my drawings are now to be seen in THE PARISIAN METRO!!! These billboards are part of the campaign for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note II in France. If you happen to be in France and see one of the billboards, I’d absolutely love it if you could take a picture and send it to me. For this same campaign a short film was made. You can check it here.

Samsung Mobile France campaign

This is what I’ve been working on the last weeks: a campaign for Samsung Mobile France to launch the Samsung Galaxy Note II in France. I had a blast in Paris and I learned so many things working with Heaven Agency, La Bande Originale and Caleb Krivoshey.

For me it was a great experience. Hope you enjoy the results of it.

Heaven Conseil : concept et stratégie
Tineke Meirink : illustration et direction artistique
Heaven Studio : créa et pilotage production
La Bande Originale : Créa et Production film / réal. Caleb Krivoshey
Fortiche : Post-Production film
Biborg : Créa et production Expérience Interactive et masthead Youtube
Heaven RTM : évènement blogger & Animation des espaces Facebook, Twitter, G+
Heaven Media : stratégie média online et suivi

Stop:watch in Paris

Hi everybody!

There’s bad news and there’s good news.
The bad news is I’m busy, really busy at the moment. So the blog is being shamelessly neglected.
I’m really sorry about that.
The good news is, I’ve spent a lot of time in Paris lately and the cause of it all is Stop:watch! You can expect some nice things in the near future. Let’s say round the 15th of november.
I’ll try to upload new work next week. XTineke.

Picture This in todays newspaper!

Picture This (what Stop:watch originally was called) in the newspaper!
(Click here to enlarge, text is in Dutch).